Quadrant 3400 / 3200 / 2200

The Square Balers

QUADRANT (Square Baler) – The benefits for you.


The experience of more than 90 years of baler design has gone into the QUADRANT 3400. We’ve kept the best and made the good bits better. When it comes to hay and straw, this machine has the highest throughput on the market. And since it’s just as much at home in silage, this makes it the largest silage baler currently available.


  • Bale size 1.20 x 0.90 m
  • Up to 60 tonnes of straw per hour (world record)
  • Hydraulic pre-chamber can be controlled from the cab
  • Impressive throughput, thanks to 86-cm rotor diameter
  • Can be used for straw, hay, silage, miscanthus, sorghum or hemp