Mixer Feeder

Horizontal | an ideal solution

Horizontal Mixer Feeder Single / double Auger

FiMAKS horizontal mixer feeders with single and double auger mechanism are an ideal solution for small and medium sized farms. Since, they have a low height; machines can be used in all kinds of farms easily.

There different symmetry and arrangement of augers in different models help in providing a homogeneous mixture in a short time. The needed power is less as well by the help of the strong and long life gearbox. The feeds can be weighed and rations can be prepared effectively with the optional electronic weighing system. All systems can easily be loaded in the machine with the optional loading system.

Volume 6m3 6m3
Length (mm) 5100 5000
Height (mm) 2400 2450
Width (mm) 2060 2040
Weight (kg) 2450 2400
Needed Power (KW/HP) 28/40 28/40