Small in stature | Powerful in the field.

MARKANT 55 – 65

Today, a number of approaches are taken when it comes to straw and hay harvesting. On large farms, there is still a trend towards round bales or large square bales. In contrast, owing to the ease of handling by individual farm workers, a smaller bale size remains the preferred choice on smaller farms.


MARKANT – the benefits for you.

  • Bale size 46 x 36 cm
  • Slip clutch and shear bolt to protect baler
  • Internal feeder with shock absorber for vibration equalisation
  • Robust, heavy-duty, roller-mounted ram for high bale density
  • Pick-up height adjustment via control cable from the tractor cab (hydraulic optional)
  • 2 dual crank feeders



Drive system – powerful transmission.



 The MARKANT’s main transmission features a hypoid gear assembly. The crown wheel and bevel wheel engage spirally, which enables a greater number of teeth to engage at any one time than in straight-cut bevel gears, boosting the overall reliability of power transmission.








A large flywheel designed to cushion the strokes of the baling ram for smooth mechanical operation is positioned immediately in front of the transmission assembly. The slip clutch in the flywheel protects the MARKANT’s drive and packing system from overloading.

The freewheel capacity in the drive shaft prevents damage to the tractor’s transmission resulting from deactivation of the PTO. The MARKANT comes to rest entirely independently.


    65 55
Standard tyres Left 11.5/80-15.3 6PR 11.5/80-15.3 6PR

Pick-up – clean cut.



Closely spaced dual-spring tines with angled points and an ideal pick-up diameter ensure the harvested crop enters the machine cleanly and efficiently. Long-stalked crops and short fluffy materials alike are harvested with razor-sharp precision. A crop guard fitted above the pick-up ensures the crop is channelled to the feeders rapidly for a smooth crop flow to the bale chamber. Spring suspension enables the machine to hover gently over the ground. An integrated shock absorber prevents bouncing at higher speeds.



Powerful baling ram.

The MARKANT’s sturdy and powerful baling ram operates on maintenance-free, ball bearing-mounted rollers. The scrapers positioned directly in front of the rollers ensure a clean crop feed for smooth operation.

The harvested crop is collected from the pick-up assembly and transported efficiently and powerfully deep into the bale chamber by the two feeders attached to two crankshafts. This configuration ensures a high output and delivers uniform, highly compact and sharp-edged bales. Integrated shock absorbers cushion load peaks. A shear bolt secures each individual feeder tine to ensure the continuous efficiency of the feed rake.


The long bale chamber produces uniform, highly compact, sharp-edged bales. The binding twine is run through deep grooves indented in the bales by angular rails to prevent sideways slippage and maintain the structure and composition of bales when handled roughly by the bale ejector or other conveying equipment.

The bale length is fully adjustable within a generous range of 0.40 to 1.10 metres. The bale composition and density can be adjusted as required via the two crank handles at the end of the bale chamber.



The integrated bale counter enables the operator to review the number of bales produced at any time.



MARKANT balers are equipped with tried-and-tested CLAAS knotters. CLAAS knotters are world-renowned for producing unshakable knots at peak bale densities in all conceivable harvesting conditions. The knotter hook holds the knot strap steady throughout the entire binding process, irrespective of bale pressure or twine strength. The knotter’s configuration therefore does not need to be modified in the event that the bale pressure or the binding twine used (sisal, synthetic) is modified. The MARKANT can handle sisal twine from 150 to 200 m/kg, and synthetic twines with running lengths from 300 to 400 m/kg.