The Row Independent Chopper has a working width of 2,5m. and with its cutter and feeder drums it can chop four rows of maize at one pass. The machine can be operated both at front hitch or back hitch of the tractor.

The cutter and feeder drum carries the maize to the feeding unit. Row independent chopper’s feeding system is designed to feed the flywheel at right angles for the best quality silage. The flywheel is equipped with 12 special hardened knives revolving at nearly 1200 rpm. There are two feeder drums and two pressure rollers that control the feeding of the maize to the flywheel. One of the pressure rollers is spring loaded and toothed, while the other one is not. The pressure rollers are horizontally mounted right behind the feeder drums so that stems and cobs are always chopped at right angle. This is the secret of the machine’s low power requirement and short length of chop.

The functions of the machine can be controlled from the tractor cab by a wired remote control unit. The angle of drums, lifting and rotation of the chute, adjustment of deflector and the lifting of leaned plants is controlled through this controller. Knife grinding is easily carried out with the built-in sharpening device. The lightning is provided as standard equipment for working at night.

Number of Rows 4
Length (m) 2,80
Height (m) 4,20
Width (m) 2,70
Weight (kg) 2200
Number of Knives 12
Tyres 2×185/80 R14
3pt. Hitch Cat. II – III
PTO (rpm) 1000
Minimum Needed Power 115 kW ( 150 hp )
Chopping Length 4,5 mm.
Capacity (acre/hour) 8