CHRONO is the newest technology of GASPARDO for high speed planting.

CHRONO was awarded with the SIMA audience as ” MACHINE OF THE YEAR 2019 “, thanks to the patented high speed planting technology. Vacuum precision planters with our CHRONO metering unit features an electrical transmission and an exclusive seed pressurized delivery system . It enables this plan to operate at 15 km / h with maximum planting accuracy.

CHRONO is the best-in-class high speed planting technology capable of planting Guaranteeing an excellent accuracy with all seed types and soil conditions , even in the most challenging situation. GASPARDO’s new large-scale product offerings for precision planting and sets new standards for this crucial farming operation. The highest level of productivity matches the agronomic advantages of an extremely versatile planting unit. From conventional to minimum no-till , this planter can perform in a wide range of conditions, always ensuring the best accuracy of seed placement.


The CHRONO precision planting unit is the result of the cooperation between MASCHIO GASPARDO R&D and SID Italian School of Design . The cutting edge design ensures the best performance , ease of use and ergonomic results for the operatorThe CHRONO design and name express dynamism , speed and precision. Remarkable, unique style offers a modern look.