Combine Harvesters

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CLAAS Combine Harvesters

We have been building combine harvesters with passion and pride since 1936. No other company can match the contribution that CLAAS has made to the history of the combine harvester. Different models meet different requirements, because high performance does not mean the same thing for every customer. We build every Combine Harvester with the same principle in mind: to make your harvest better, faster and more efficient. FIND OUT MORE…

Forage Harvesters

the JAGUAR from CLAAS – World Leaders
Ensuring your Satisfaction

CLAAS forage harvesters have been a byword for excellent forage quality since 1973. The challenges facing you are growing. Your requirements count. Ensuring your satisfaction is what drives us in our continuous pursuit of new solutions. More productivity, more choice, more comfort, more yield: the 800 series offer all of these – and in so doing form a class of their own. With a wide range of front attachments and corn crackers, it can adapt to any forage harvesting situation. FIND OUT MORE…


FiMAKS Maize Choppers are used for making silage by shredding silage maize. Thanks to the experience of Fimaks for many years, the silage machines have reached their perfect level today. The machine’s low power requirement and endurance are created by these experiences. To get the best silage, the stem and cobs of maize need to be shredded very well. The drums of maize chopper can crush the maize in the best way. Drums feed the fan which has knifes on it, at the right angle. The knives of Fimaks maize choppers are specially hardened. Fimaks maize choppers are easy to use with hydraulic controllers. Hydraulic controls are standard in single row  machines, while electrohydraulic controllers are standard in row-independent machines. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE…


FiMAKS Forage Harvesters are used to make silage from all kinds of fodder and grass. The floating knives that cut and blow at the same time, are prevented from damaging themselves when they are moving and struck by stone or any other hard substance, by recoiling, Thanks to the spring pin on the chassis, height adjustment can be done easily on the machine. Fimaks forage harvesters can collect previously chopped plants besides foraging. Fodders that are cut again in the fan, are brought to a shorter size than in standard forage harvesters. This fan also allows the silage to b loaded into the trailer via the chute. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE…


With over 100 years of experience, we develop, produce and distribute best possible technology for professional users – worldwide! Harvesting headers with low weight and short compact design or for extremely large, high-yield maize with working widths of 3 – 9 metres. The Kemper headers with the ‘big’ drums are specially developed for high-yield maize crops with plant heights of over 4.0 m and all row spacing such as 38 inches (96.5 cm). Working width vary from 4.55 to 9.0 m. 

Harvesting Header 300+ Series

The headers of the 300plus series cut quickly and thoroughly at a high speed of rotation. Up to 12 cutting rotors permit use with a very wide range of crops – regardless of the row spacing.


Harvesting Header 400+ Series

The Kemper headers with the ‘big’ drums are specially developed for high-yield maize crops with plant heights of over 4.0 m and all row spacing such as 38 inches (96.5 cm). Working width vary from 4.5 to 9,0 m.



Carefree harvesting through reliability. Whether it’s a long chop for dairy farmers or a short chop for biogas plant operators Kemper’s ProfiCracker™ provides the perfect solution.  


SUGARCANE HARVESTER – SHAKTIMAN 3737 – use to harvest and partially process sugarcane. Efficient front end for smooth uniform feed, reducing cane losses and soil content. GPS enhancement provides SMS & web supervisor features which facilitate location of harvester and information on performance data.  Robust hydraulic system run by efficient hydraulic motors & pumps ensuring flawless functioning of harvester. Heavy duty adjustable cutter cuts cane efficiently, both the blade holders rotate in opposite direction which cut the cane at ground level. 


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