Experience gained in many years, producing thousands of machines, great after sales services and quality policy of Fimaks are some of the most important factors in success. Switzerland, New Caledonia, Japan, Uganda, Australia, Pakistan and 98 more countries have one thing in common now, in all of these countries Fimaks machines are now operating. We are proud to announce that Fimaks has reached 104 countries. Also in many countries Fimaks has become the sector leader. We are grateful to be with our customers from all over the world.

Fimaks production facilities consist of modern assembly lines, welding robot, pre-painting sandblasting plant and state-of-the-art powder coating systems. With our ISO certified quality system, we are able to offer our customers durable and long-lasting machines in all conditions. Moreover, since every machine we produce is designed with computer aided design (CAD) software, the problems on the machine can be detected before the production, and they can be removed in a short time. In this way better quality and safer machines can be produced. Besides production, import-export department and development department currently located at Mustafakemalpasa facility.

Fimaks has latest technology equipment to produce latest technology machinery. Fimaks research and development departments improve agricultural machinery. Automated CNC machines, robot welding arms, automated painting and many other advanced equipment provide a great scale of improvement. Fimaks is exporting machinery to countries with great knowledge of technology such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland etc.