Equipment for crop protection refers to machinery and implements protecting crops in a scientific and effective way, aiming of eliminating pests, diseases and weeds, and ensuring stable and high yield of crops. Proper crop protection is important to produce higher quality crops with minimal wastage. Equipment for crop protection, through the use of which both unit area yields and good quality of agricultural products are ensured is essential for modern agricultural production. 


Maschio Gaspardo Sprayers are ideal for farmers with small fields to large fields looking for good autonomy and compact design and maximum performance. Maschio sprayers are specifically for horticultural growers, always careful to soil health, reliable and efficien, mounted or trailed, they can meet the needs of every farmer. Click here for Details…


Maschio Gaspardo presents its new and improved range of mistblowers: trailed and mounted, with an extenseive selection of fan units to choose from, catering to situations of all kinds, frm vineyards and orchards to tall trees and conrolled environments like greenhouses and nurseries. These are for small growers to large corporate farms. Click here for Details…


Agricultural fertilizer spreaders are of different types and operations. With the help of fertilizers we can increase the amount of nutrients in the soil and obtain very high production levels. Baldan Spreaders are famous for their high quality, safety and sate of the art technology for the fields. Perfectly structured and compatible with any tractor model. Click here for Details…


Maschio Gaspardo fertilizers spreaders are with easy adjustments and reduced maintenance which make it more practical and always ready to use. Fertilization of crops is a fundamental step to ensure healthy growth and optimal yield. Gaspardo fertilizers spreaders offer reliability and ease of use in all conditions and soil. Click here for Details…

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