Warranty Policy


1. Warranty will be provided on the machine for a period of twelve (12) months.

2. Warranty will be provided on the spare parts for a period of twelve (12) months.


1. Warranty claim shall be submitted immediately after the time of defect occurrence.

2. Warranty claim shall be accepted on the sole decision of the Principal Manufacturer and may take a minimum of sixty (60) days time period.

3. The user/ client have to pay the price of the spare part against replacement immediately, and the payment may be reimbursed after the acceptance of warranty claim, if applicable.


1. Warranty does not apply on parts which are supposed to wear according to use and time such as bearings, bushes, chains, belts, tyres, tines, twines, cutter blades etc.

2. Warranty on spare parts, when replaced within the time period of warranty of equipment, expires with the warranty of the equipment.

3. Warranty does not apply on the equipment or any of the component under the following conditions:

– Use by force

– Repairing by persons not authorized or trained by the Company.

– Use other than the intended use.

– Use of spare parts not supplied by the Company.

– Use of lubricants and materials without approved specifications of the company.

4. No warranty is given for:

– Damage resulting from inadequate storage

– Damages caused due to improper or careless use by the operator or user.

– Accidental damages including damages caused from transport.

– Damages resulting from incorrect maintenance and service work against the instructions of the Company.

– Consequential damages of all kinds.

Voiding of Warranty

Company holds full rights to ovoid the warranty on equipment and parts if found as following:

1. Manipulation of the application principle.

2. Exceeding the work capacity of the equipment.

3. Increase the operating pressures of the hydraulic systems, if applicable.

4. Use of non-approved implements, fitting of non-approved accessories and attachments.

5. Maintenance or repairing conducted against the instructions of the company.


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